5+ design trends for 2023 – wood and composites

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Published: February 15, 2023

Trends are one thing…lasting style is another. But, the two often meet somewhere in the timeless, tasteful middle. And many of the 2023 design trends involving wood and composite wood happen right at the meeting of “cool” and “beautiful”.

At Best Deck, we’re excited that global trends are in line with the standards and priorities that we’ve held for years – particularly those focussed on eco-friendly, affordable materials and products that last for a lifetime.

So, here are the top design trends for 2023, and how our stunning composite wood products hold up:

1.   Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Materials

The design industry is under increasing pressure to create structures using sustainable materials rather than stripping the earth of its natural, valuable resources unnecessarily. This means that architects and designers are forced to get creative to maintain the aesthetics of natural or luxurious products while using more sustainable ones to achieve it.

Best Deck’s composite wood products look and feel fantastic when you’re after a natural wood effect because they comprise bamboo and recycled timber as two of their major components. The other component is recycled plastic. As testament to its sustainability, our products require no maintenance and have impressively long guarantees. Above all else, although they’re affordable, Best Deck products pay homage to beautiful natural wood textures and colours.

2.   A Love for the Natural

The building and design industry has made extensive use of concrete and plastic in the past. But, 2023 sees a shift towards materials that look and feel more natural. It’s hard to imitate the authentic textures and warmth of wood. But we’ve managed to do just that; and we’re very proud of the finished products that so closely resemble gorgeous, natural timber.

3.   Multiple Applications

When one type of sustainable, eco-friendly material can be used in various ways and forms, it becomes especially attractive. This is truer now than ever, when simplicity and affordability are design priorities.

Our stunning composite wood makes beautiful decking, pergolas, gates, screens, cladding and fluted panelling, and more. Not only does this mean that all of these elements in your space are eco-friendly and of superior quality, but it means that they’re all aesthetically harmonious with one another because one material is used over various applications.

4.   Curves

In nature, very few things have straight edges or right angles. In keeping with the renewed attention to natural beauty, curved lines that mimic movement are making a comeback in favour of the more rigid design trends of yesteryear.

Best Deck has created stunning curved designs around swimming pools, ledges, and decks in celebration of the natural movement of organic materials.

Best Deck Composite Wood Products

4.   Accent Appeal

A massive part of the aesthetic appeal of a space in 2023 is the accents that make it unique and demand attention. To accentuate a wall or aspect of a building, designers will make more use of panelling and cladding to draw the eye without creating a focal point that is too engineered or unnatural (such as a boldly-coloured accent wall).

Our composite wood cladding and panelling are stunning ways to accentuate a space and add to its natural look and feel. And they are maintenance-free and incredibly long-lasting – whether inland or along the coast.

More Design Trends for 2023

In addition to these, here are a few more trends for 2023 in terms of design and architecture:

  • Arched doorways that complement the curves and movements of natural materials.
  • Sourcing furniture and accessories from used or second-hand resources rather than buying them new.
  • Sliding doors that don’t take up too much room and allow the colours and textures of the outdoors to flood the indoor space.
  • Wooden furniture and cabinets. The wood grain creates a peaceful vibe and will complement our composite wood decking and cladding to perfection. And wood never goes out of fashion, so this is a long-term investment in style and quality.

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To revamp and update your space – whether residential or commercial – contact Best Deck today. We have stunning, contemporary composite wood products that are extremely competitively priced. They’re designed to last without splintering, fading or cracking; and are a dream to keep clean. This goes beyond keeping with design trends for 2023. We are committed to the long haul.

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