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Best Deck Guarantee

Best Deck 10, 15 and 25 Year Product Guarantee


  • Best Deck products have 10- /15- and 25-year guarantees, which are applicable to the different product profiles that we sell.
  • All Best Deck product profiles have been tested by SGS to function in the application for which they have been designed.
  • On all tests carried out by SGS, Best Deck product profiles are certified 100% compliant.


  • SGS is the world’s leading inspection, testing and verification company.
  • It is recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity when it comes to product testing.
  • SGS enables a product to demonstrate that it complies with international standards through certification.
  • Best Deck is proud to be SGS-compliant in all of our products, which have been issued with the relevant certificate.

The Best Deck No-nonsense Guarantee

Our Guarantee is SIMPLE, Just Like our Name

There are no grey areas with us and you don’t have to sift through pages of information to make sure that you get the guarantee sold to you. Each product profile is designed for a specific function and application. There are also add-on applications for most, if not all, of these profiles. For example, a deck fascia plank that is used to close off a deck structure can also be used in one or more of our pergola applications. That profile will still carry its guarantee because it carries the same installation requirements when it comes to the supporting framework and fixing of the planks. So, provided the product has been installed according that profile’s full installation specifications, you and your Best Deck products are guaranteed.

What Does Our No-Nonsense Guarantee Cover?

  • The product guarantee is valid as long as it is installed according to its specific installation requirements.
  • Our products are valid from the date of purchase.
  • Our product installation specifications are on our website. If you are not sure, please ask us. We will gladly advise and assist you.
  • AN IMPORTANT TIP: With the exception of some of our pergola profiles, all other profiles must be supported for your guarantee to be in place. This should be done at every 350mm from centre of support to centre of support. On commercial decking projects, we reduce that to 300mm centre to centre of joist.

What Does our No-Nonsense Guarantee NOT Cover?

  • Our products are not guaranteed if they are used for an application for which they are not designed or intended.
  • If you have not installed that product according to its installation specifications, we cannot guarantee it.
  • If Best Deck must honour our guarantee, it is to replace that product profile and not to re-install it. To date (February 2020), after almost a decade of our products coming into the country, we have never had to call on our manufacturer to replace any product.
  • Best Deck will do a site inspection to asses a situation before replacing any product.

Best Deck’s Peace Of Mind No-Nonsense Guarantee

  • Best Deck either supplies our products to a competent and approved contractor to install, or we use our own installation arm, Composite Ingenuity. If a contractor is using Best Deck products, you know you are buying quality.
  • Composite Ingenuity offers a turnkey project from start to finish. We take responsibility for the entire scope of the composite aspect of that specific project.
  • We do this in most areas around SA and into Africa.
  • Composite Ingenuity is also run by Stuart, who are hands-on with contract managers reporting back to them.
  • Despite our quality products and commitment to service, there may still be some issues that arise on a project from time to time. If they do, send Best Deck an email and, within 72 hours, there will be a plan of action in place. Best Deck’s maintenance team will take action as soon as possible


Best Deck Guarantee

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