Finish off your decking with a stylish balustrade

A composite wood balustrade is the best complement for your composite wood deck. As with all Best Deck products, a maintenance-free balustrade with a long-term guarantee makes perfect sense.

Have your balustrades supplied and installed by Best Deck, or purchase the material from us and install it yourself. Importantly, the balustrades have cavity profiles, for the most part. These usually require steel inserts. There are sometimes exceptions to this (depending on the product and span).

Composite wood balustrades are available in a variety of options. They can also be combined with other maintenance-free materials to create spectacular results. In the gallery below, we include some of our purpose-made balustrades.

Best Deck offers three standard range balustrade options. This is helpful to put a budget together for a project when requesting pricing.


Full Composite Balustrade

A full composite balustrade has the supporting posts, hand and foot rails, with vertical pickets all constructed from composite profiles. It includes steel inserts, where necessary. They are durable and tasteful.

Composite and Stainless Steel Cable

A composite and stainless steel cable balustrade incorporates the composite posts with hand and foot rails. With stainless steel cabling inserted between the rails, this balustrade option is hugely popular as it gives the illusion of space and minimalism; never competing with a beautiful view.

Composite and Stainless Steel Tube

This classic-style balustrade has composite posts, hand and foot rails, inserted with stainless steel tubing. Aesthetically, it brings a lot to the table and is a fantastic finish for any modern style building.

Best Deck Composite Wood Balustrade Products

Balustrade or Pergola Posts

Post Caps

Post Skirtings

hand and foot rails


balustrade posts

cap, post and skirting


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