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The Do’s and Don’ts of Looking After Best Deck Products

Clean decking is easy to achieve and makes the world of difference to the overall look and feel of your home or building. Here are some tips to ensure that your composite wood products look great and last longer.


  • Use a hard-bristled broom (or scrubbing brush) with water and Sunlight® soap to clean your composite wood products. Scrub your decking vigorously at least once a week to keep it looking new.
  • For stubborn debris and a very thorough clean, add Cleen Green® to your Sunlight® soap and water mixture and use this to scrub the deck. Cleen Green® is available at most hardware stores and can be used on a regular basis, or when there is a problem area that needs special attention.
  • Spray undiluted Cleen Green® from a dispensing spray bottle onto stubborn stains and scrub it with a hard-bristled brush or fine steel wool. Steel wool should only be used on the Gold Range Grooved Planks and not on the Best Deck Diamond Range Wood Grain Plank.
  • Although the Diamond Range planks can be cleaned like the other ranges, scuffs and scratches should be treated differently. If the outer skin of the Best Deck Diamond Range Wood Grain Plank is damaged (within reason), heat the damaged area with a heat gun or hair dryer. The outer skin shrinks in the heat (this is characteristic of the material) and will cover certain tearing and minor damage.


  • Do not use a mop on the Gold Range Grooved Decking, a mop just moves the dirt around instead of removing it. Eventually, the decking will look worn and filthy. Rather, follow the suggestions above for achieving clean decking.
  • Never apply spirits to any of Best Deck’s composite wood products. It will damage the material. Follow the suggestions under the “Do’s” section above to remove stubborn stains and scuff marks from your composite wood products.
  • When using a high-pressure hose to clean decking and other composite wood products, only use a soft to medium pressure. High pressure will damage the planks.
  • Even at the right pressure, do not use the figure-8 motion on a pressure hose, as this will damage the decking.
  • Do not put heavy items on your composite wood deck planks without some kind of protection. Dragging something heavy across the decking will scratch and damage the planks, possibly even irreparably. For heavy pot plants or furniture, be sure to have a rubber mat of between four and six millimetres thick between the object and the deck. For heavy umbrellas, consider adding large castor wheels to make moving them around easier and safer for your decking (small castor wheels will damage the deck ).

If you have any questions, would like more tips to care for and clean decking, or want to order your beautiful composite wood products, contact Best Deck today.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Looking After Best Deck Products