7 affordable ways to stay warm on your deck this winter


Published: May 4, 2021

Your gorgeous outdoor deck area isn’t just for long summer days and balmy evenings. As winter sets in, there are so many ways to make this outdoor retreat work. In fact, because it’s so durable and hassle-free, composite wood decking is ideal to enjoy all year long, especially in the more temperate conditions of South Africa. We’re sharing some ideas for how to make the most of this outdoor space even in the chillier winter months.

7 Ways to Stay Warm on Your Deck This Winter

1.     Cosy Couches

Create an inviting outdoor space by including cosy couches on your deck. Remember to include plenty of plush scatter cushions. This is perfect for enjoying your morning cup of coffee, catching up with friends (outdoors is always safest during the pandemic), or savouring a warming nightcap. Ensure that the couches are under cover so that they don’t get wet in the rain, or invest in covers to pull over them in bad weather.

2.     Stylish Shelters

Try to include some kind of shelter so that, even when it’s raining or windy, there’s an outside space to enjoy the crisp, cool air without the harsher elements. Erect one of our stylish pergolas and include creepers or shade cloth to keep you under cover. Or opt for an awning to keep dry and cosy.

3.     Blankets Galore

Include a few stylish baskets filled with warm, plush blankets on your deck. This way, you and your family can grab a comforting blanket and keep warm while breathing in the crisp winter air. Choose vibrant colours to keep your outdoor space cheerful.

4.     Waterproof Furniture

To make life simpler and easier, invest in waterproof furniture that won’t get damaged if it’s rained on. Fabric can be treated with a special waterproof coating, or you can source furniture with canvas covers that are hardy and durable, but still aesthetic and styled.

5.     Lighting

Be generous with the amount of ambient lighting that you use on your deck to create an inviting, elegant and warm setting. Flameless candles, lanterns, solar-powered lights and LED strips on the deck are all gorgeous ways of lighting the outdoor area without making it stark or too bright. This creates an illusion of warmth that is just irresistible.

6.     Jazz it Up With a Jacuzzi

For a total spoil, install a jacuzzi in your deck. This will take winter evenings from chilly to totally chilled as you sip on cocktails and warm up in the bubbles. This isn’t only the pinnacle of romance with a partner and fun with family, but it’s also good for your body and is a fantastic way to warm up and spend some quality time together.  This is an investment that works all year round too – even summer evenings need a little jacuzzi magic.

7.     Heating Hits

Although you need to be careful with open fires on a wooden or composite wood deck, it’s still possible to have a fire pit (following the necessary precautions and standards). Gas or electric fireplaces are safer as there are no sparks flying and they provide excellent warmth. Or, simply include portable space heaters and place them wherever you choose to sit when you’re outdoors on a wintery evening. There are even special patio heaters that are designed for just this purpose.

Install Your Dream Deck Now

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