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Published: October 13, 2023

Best Deck’s stunning pergolas are one of our most popular products. They’re durable, beautiful, multi-purpose, affordable, and require no maintenance. So, whether yours is a spacious garden with several trees and corners that beg for a private nook, or you have a more compact space outdoors, a stylish Best Deck pergola is a fantastic option.

Traditionally, pergolas are the spot for a morning coffee, nightcap, or a summer evening with friends outside. But this compact, elegant shelter offers so much in the way of choice and variety.

Here are 8 alternate uses for your pergola:

1. Art Studio

Maximise your inspiration opportunities by taking your art supplies to your pergola outside and immersing yourself in the outdoors. If you have a creeper growing over the structure, it’ll provide some gorgeous, dappled shade so that you can stay there for hours and let your creativity flow to the backing track of singing birds or the gentle hum of traffic far away.

Even if you’re not particularly creative, take some adult colouring books or air-dry clay to the pergola and just allow yourself to escape as you ‘play around’.

2. Workout Central

When you need to work up a sweat and do some exercise, use your pergola as a private gym area. Simply leave a yoga mat and some weights nearby and then head out to the structure to get fit and work on your body and mind. The fresh air is a brilliant complement to any fitness and wellness regime.

Download some workouts on an app or YouTube so that you can focus and not become distracted by the passing traffic or busy neighbours. Bring plenty of water (especially when exercising in the sunshine) and be aware of keeping the music or online trainer’s volume at a reasonable level.

3. The Best Classroom

Parents can use their pergola as an outdoor classroom that immerses youngsters in a natural environment that helps them to learn, grow, and develop. Being in natural light and breathing fresh air helps them to focus.

Research shows that outdoor classrooms lower stress and anxiety and improve cognitive skills in youngsters. It also helps them to develop an awareness of their natural environment and the importance of caring for it.

4. Romantic Retreat

With sky-rocketing prices, lavish date nights aren’t always an option. But couples need to have time alone to spoil and appreciate one another. Set up the pergola as a romantic getaway from the familiarity of home.

Dot a few candles around the space, drape fairy lights from the ceiling, play some soft music, and set up a table for two (with fresh flowers) for a special, unforgettable gesture for your other half.

5. Spoil the Birds

Hang a bird feeder or put fresh water out in a pretty bird bath just next to your pergola to attract an array of species. You’ll find yourself watching them for hours as they splash, eat, and relax there. Being this close to nature is a healing to the soul.

6. Movie Night

If you have a projector, simply hang a white sheet on one side of the pergola and invite friends and family around to watch a movie or sports game. This is also a fab option for children’s sleepovers.

Without a projector, you may still be able to set up a big-screen TV (or even a laptop with a good screen) there and create a fun ambience outside. Don’t forget the popcorn and s’mores.

7. A Floral Fantasy

Keen gardeners can use a pergola as their own nursery, filling it with flowers, herbs, and shrubs in pots. With a creeper (like jasmine) growing over the pergola, you can take advantage of the shade or partial shade that it offers. This also looks beautiful and provides a dedicated space in which gardeners can escape the humdrum of city living and enjoy feeling the soil on their fingertips and watching their plants thrive.

8. Stargazing

Thanks to the open lattice design of our pergola ceilings, you can be on a chair or mattress inside it and still stare up at the sky on a clear night to see the stars. If you have a telescope, take it out to your pergola and be awe-struck at the magnificent display.

Best Deck’s Pergolas

Our pergolas are available in a number of tasteful colours and designs and are made from an eco-friendlier composite wood.

The fascia and weaved pergolas are easy to waterproof for those in a rainy climate, while the beamed pergola offers a contemporary appeal.

They’re built on a steel framework (which is galvanised and painted) and are guaranteed. Both the Gold and Diamond ranges are available in coffee brown, chocolate brown, charcoal, and stone grey.  So, your pergola can be customised to suit your aesthetic preferences and the space it’ll occupy.

Visit our website or contact us on 010 500 2897 or today to get your pergola in time for summer.

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