Bamboo – why it’s a must for composite wood products

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Published: October 28, 2020

Superior quality products and service are what Best Deck is all about, which is why we insist on the right ratio of bamboo in our composite wood products. Bamboo is an incredibly versatile product that we love for so many reasons. And it’s the reason that our composite wood decking, cladding, pergolas and finishes are so beautiful and durable.


Best Deck’s composite wood products are made up of:

30% recycled bamboo

30% recycled fibre

30% recycled plastic

10% bonding agent and UV Stabilisers

This combination of materials is ideal because it gives our top-quality products strength, flexibility and a gorgeous finish. The recycled plastic is responsibly sourced and creates a product that’s easy to clean and maintain, durable and resistant to rot, cracking and splintering.


We ensure that almost one-third of our composite is made of bamboo, because it has so many benefits. It is:

  • Strong

Bamboo is two to three times stronger than timber, has a higher tensile strength than steel, and can withstand more compression than concrete. Such strength is incredibly valuable in ensuring that our composite wood products are safe, secure and durable in the face of plenty of use and harsh weather conditions.

  • Flexible

Although it is so strong, bamboo is an impressively flexible reed. This flexibility is essential for a good quality product that can last for decades. In fact, bamboo is often used in areas that experience earthquakes and hurricanes, because it can sway (even at height) without breaking or collapsing. Being flexible and strong means that it is the perfect choice for a long-lasting solution that never compromises on aesthetics.

  • Light

Unlike steel and concrete, bamboo is very light. This makes it easy to transport and work with.

  • Sustainable

Bamboo grows extremely quickly. In fact, there are reports of some species growing almost 10 centimetres in 24 hours. With that impressive growth rate, it is an easily renewable resource. What’s more, it can be recycled. Landfills are often filled with used drywall, cardboard, and even timber that has been torn down from old homes.

  • Eco-friendly

Bamboo forests are fantastic for the environment because they reduce the carbon dioxide in the air by up to 35% more than other trees and they deliver more oxygen too. They also take up a lot of nitrogen from the soil, which reduces the amount of pollution that enters the surrounding water systems.

About Best Deck’s Composite Woods

Our composite wood is engineered and having material like bamboo as such an integral part of the composition has created products that can withstand extreme weather fluctuations, plenty of foot traffic, and years of use. The end product is an aesthetically attractive one that is:

  • Strong
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to rot
  • Free of splinters and cracks
  • Easy to maintain

Have a look at our brochure to see some of the spectacular products we offer and the projects we’ve worked on. Our composite wood products stand the test of time and regular use for decades. They are the ideal solution for anyone that wants top quality that doesn’t require regular maintenance or repair. Call us on 27 (0) 11 463 7948 or email us on for more information.

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