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Published: February 5, 2022

Best Deck has several big and exciting projects on the go for 2022, so we’re excited to hit the ground running and showcase our fantastic product range. We have variety, of course, but our foundation – the real secret to our ongoing growth and success – is world-class quality and service delivery. For this reason, every single product that we offer is guaranteed and we have the utmost confidence in their longevity. What’s more, they don’t lose their aesthetic appeal or practical value over the long term, even decades.



Our composite wood products are made up of a blend of bamboo, recycled timber, and recycled plastic. So, not only are they eco-friendly, they also fight against the deforestation caused by the timber industry, and are extremely durable. They do not splinter, warp, or crack; and fade minimally over time. They require no maintenance and very little cleaning to keep them looking fantastic.


The Best Deck decking planks are stylish, adding value to any outdoor space. Our decking ranges come in several colours; including a warm coffee brown, a cooler-toned chocolate brown, a deep charcoal and a lighter stone grey, and more.

We offer the:

  • Gold Range – with their 15-year guarantee, these narrow-grooved planks are great for just about any space. They need an occasional clean to stay looking as beautiful as the day they were installed. The groove helps with grip and also means that it’s not as easy to spot minor scuffs or scratches.
  • Diamond Range – this premium co-extrusion range has a gorgeous wood grain finish and a 25-year guarantee. They are resistant to stains and moisture, making them incredibly easy to have in your residential or commercial space.


Cladding your walls with Best Deck’s composite wood gives an old structure a contemporary aesthetic and is a gorgeous addition to new builds with a difference. Our cladding makes it easier to keep your home, mall or office block looking good without needing regular maintenance or painting. Cladding is available in the following ranges:

  • Gold – these have a 10-year guarantee and are available in chocolate brown, coffee brown, charcoal and stone grey. Their fixings are hidden and the joints overlap for a seamless finish.
  • Silver – available in chocolate brown and cement grey, these work on a clip system, which allows them to move and expand easily. They’re guaranteed for 15 years.
  • Diamond – the ice-white of this cladding is elegant and different, but never has to be painted or maintained (even on homes along the coast). These are guaranteed for 15 years too.
  • Fluted wall panelling – this brown wood grain wall panelling is simultaneously modern and classic. It gives the building an interesting aesthetic appeal that makes them stand out from the rest.


Whether it’s around your swimming pool, deck or entertainment area, Best Deck’s balustrades create a stunning finish.  You can install these yourself or commission us to do it for you.

They’re available in three different style options:

  • Full composite balustrade – the supporting posts, hand and foot rails, and vertical pickets are all made from composite profiles. This option is durable and looks great.
  • Composite and stainless steel cable – the posts and rails are made from composite wood, with stainless steel cabling between the rails. This option gives the impression of space and doesn’t interfere with pretty views.
  • Composite and stainless steel tube – this is a classic style that comprises composite wood posts and hand and foot rails, inserted with stainless steel tubing. It’s timeless with a touch of modern.


Create elegant dining and entertaining areas or just a spot for the family to get together with a composite pergola. Our composite wood pergolas still look and feel like a natural material, so they don’t interfere with the green appeal of the outdoors.

We offer various style and colour options so that your pergola suits your preference, budget and how you plan to use it. Add polycarbonate sheeting so that you can enjoy sitting under your pergola even on a rainy day.


If this is the year to construct or update your home, complex, mall or office building, contact Best Deck today to supply and install your composite wood products. These transform a space and are cost-effective, adding value over the long term.

Using our composite wood products has many advantages. They:

  • Are eco-friendly.
  • Require little to no maintenance (depending on the specific product).
  • Don’t warp, split, or splinter.
  • Fade minimally over the decades, without losing their aesthetic appeal.
  • Are cost-effective in the long term.
  • Look great.
  • Are extremely durable.

Contact us today at or on 011 463 7948 (Johannesburg) or 021 001 2880 (Cape Town) to transform your space.

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