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Published: December 13, 2022

Best Deck’s composite wood products have proven to be really popular for residential application – creating decks, walkways, cladding and pergolas for gorgeous homes. But, these products are also fantastic for large-scale projects; busy areas that are exposed to plenty of heavy foot traffic – like malls, estates, and residential complexes.

The Best Deck Products for Large-Scale Projects

We have a range of products available; from decking for outdoor areas and pathways to cladding that transforms your building’s look and feel. The stylish pergolas are fantastic to create meeting spaces outside. These are aesthetically tasteful and timeless; ideal for commercial complexes, estates, and malls.

There are two ranges available – Gold and Diamond. Both are available in four colours: chocolate brown, coffee brown, stone grey and charcoal. This variety means that our ranges are compatible with the design aesthetic of all types of large-scale projects.

The Diamond Range (25-year guarantee)

This cutting-edge product is completely maintenance-free, as well as being stain and moisture resistant. This means that it doesn’t need much more than a light cleaning to rid it of leaves, dust or other debris. It is ideal for busy centres and estates. It can’t be damaged by oil, bird droppings, food, wine, or grease.

The Gold Range (15-year guarantee)

This is an extremely hard-wearing range that can withstand plenty of foot traffic. It has narrow grooves, which help to hide the natural effects of long-term use (like scuffs or stains). The pigment goes right through the plank, which means that it can be scrubbed with a hard-wire brush to be cleaned without causing damage to the aesthetic. While they do need to be cleaned (especially in food courts), they are completely maintenance-free.

Why Choose Best Deck for Your Large-Scale Projects?

There are so many reasons to choose our composite wood products to create beautiful, practical areas in and around your large-scale property. These products stand head and shoulders above other products, including natural timber.


Our composite wood products are extremely durable and require no maintenance. They don’t crack, warp, splinter with very little fading. This saves an enormous amount of time, effort and money that is often spent on massive teams of cleaners or on repairing and maintaining outdoor areas that succumb to natural wear and tear.


Thanks to the narrow-grooved planks and the choice of four tasteful colours, Best Deck’s composite wood products enhance the beauty and elegance of your space. Whether yours is a modern mall or a country estate, our products not only fit in, but actually contribute to the ambience and aesthetic of these large-scale projects.


When designing a place that will be frequented by lots of pedestrians, the priority is that it’s as safe as possible. Because Best Deck’s products don’t splinter, warp or crack, they don’t present hazards in terms of tripping or injuring yourself. They’re also slip-resistant, which is an extremely important part of ensuring people’s safety.


Our ranges are competitively priced – not only compared to other composite woods, but also to other materials and products. Importantly, they are guaranteed for decades, which means that these are wise long-term investments for large-scale projects.


Hiring crews to deep-clean stained and damaged floors and cladded walls can be a very costly exercise. With Best Deck’s composite wood products, you reduce the need to invest much time or effort in cleaning.

Some of Best Deck’s Larger Projects

In addition to our many exciting residential projects, Best Deck has been involved in a number of large- scale projects and developments too. Some of these include:

  • Steyn City (Johannesburg) – This massive lifestyle estate has been punctuated by Best Deck’s products. We are in the process of installing more than 1100 square metres of decking, 1000 square metres of balustrades and sun screens, and 1250 square metres of pergolas here.
  • The Tokai Estate (Cape Town) – We have installed about 900 square metres of safe walkways all over this scenic retirement lifestyle estate.
  • Atterbury Lifestyle Centre (Pretoria) – In addition to the tasteful decking, we also installed the stunning new fluted wall panelling to enhance the aesthetic of this mall.
  • Root 44 Market (Stellenbosch) – Here, Best Deck supplied over 550 square metres of their Gold Range deck planks, making this country market even more inviting.
  • Fairbridge Mall (Cape Town) – With 1000 square metres of composite wood decking, this mall has the edge.
  • The Hilton Garden Inn at Umhlanga Arch (Durban) – Best Deck Gold Range Composite decking has not only been installed at the Hilton Garden Inn ,it has been extensively through the Umhlanga arch where more than 1500 square metres of Best Deck Composite wood decking has been installed throughout this amazing development.

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