Best Deck is hitting the (padel) court!


Published: November 17, 2023

BEST DECK IS HITTING THE (PADEL) COURT!As a sport and hobby, padel has taken South Africa (and the world) by storm, and it continues to grow in popularity steadily. This is a fast-paced, family-friendly racquet sport played on a relatively small court (ideally measuring 10 metres wide and 20 metres long). The sides are enclosed with glass and mesh to prevent the ball from flying out of the court at speed.

Decking and Cladding for Padel Courts

Because it is compact and so popular, many hotels, gyms, estates, and even private homes are electing to have their own padel courts for endless fun and fitness. And this is where Best Deck comes in.

We have been installing our beautiful decking and cladding in a host of courts around South Africa, boasting exceptional quality with an unrivalled aesthetic.


Our composite wood decking is used around the courts to create a durable, attractive, maintenance-free platform for spectators. We have a variety of colours available so that the decked area around the padel court complements the hotel, estate, or other surroundings perfectly. The decking doesn’t splinter, warp, fade, splinter, or crack. So, this social and spectator space is safe for the whole family to use while they enjoy watching a game.


Best Deck’s elegant cladding is also made of composite wood and is used on the pod of the padel court. This pod is where padel equipment is sold, so it is necessary for most courts. By finishing it in one of our gorgeous cladding colours, we ensure that your sports facility has a high-end quality.


Why Our Products Are Perfect for Padel

Because padel courts are often (usually) outside in the elements, it is essential that the materials used are hardy and not susceptible to damage from extreme weather.

Best Deck’s composite wood products are the perfect solution. They don’t fade or warp, even in extreme heat, sunshine, wind, or rain.  They’re incredibly easy to clean too, and don’t get destroyed by bugs. Because the decking is not slippery, it’s a fantastic choice for a surface on which families and children often walk. In fact, it is designed with safety in mind. The Gold Range has a grooved surface, making it particularly slip-resistant, even in wet conditions.

Best Deck products are affordable in the long run. We offer lengthy guarantees of up between 15 and 25 years, making our decking and cladding a sensible investment that incurs no additional cost over that time.

In addition to decking and cladding, Best Deck’s composite product range includes:

Our composite products are eco-friendlier because they use a combination of products that are recycled (like plastic) and natural (like stone, bamboo, and timber). Aesthetically, they are superior too because they come in a range of neutral, tasteful colours and natural finishes.

To adorn your padel court, or to enhance your residential or commercial space with our world-class products and finishes, contact us today on 010 500 2897 or

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