Ideal flooring for hospitals and student accommodation


Published: December 12, 2023

Best Deck has been working on some stunning and exciting flooring projects all over South Africa that demand the absolute best in quality, safety, style, and timelessness. Providing composite floor products for hospitals and student residences is not only a huge opportunity, but also a responsibility because, in both settings, safety comes first. So, we are proud and excited to be part of these incredible developments and facilities.

Why Best Deck Composite Products Are Ideal for Public Facilities

Our composite wood decking and SPC (stone plastic composite) flooring options are fantastic for the indoor and outdoor parts of hospitals and res facilities – including entrances and exits, balconies, lounges, waiting areas, and smoking areas.

This is because they:

  • Are safe – the composite wood decking is not slippery, so it’s ideal for outdoor areas and the flooring around water features, fountains, and swimming pools. The Gold Range decking is grooved too, making it particularly non-slip. The SPC indoor flooring has the aesthetic appeal of gorgeous indoor finishes, but it doesn’t crack or smash, like porcelain or ceramic tiles would. This prevents injuries.


  • Are comfortable – the stone plastic composite flooring has padding underneath so that it is comfortable and quiet to walk on. This is fantastic for visiting areas, waiting lounges, and communal living and dining spaces that see a lot of traffic but need to be inviting and homely, despite being in such a public arena.


  • Don’t splinter, swell, or crack – in both student accommodation and hospitals, it’s necessary to provide flooring that, while attractive, is safe and doesn’t require extensive upkeep to maintain. Best Deck flooring options are ideal as they don’t splinter, swell or crack, even in the presence of regular moisture and rain. This means that patients or residents as well as their visitors are protected from bulges and sharp edges in the floors. In public areas, this is particularly important as everyone, young and old, needs to be protected as far as is reasonably possible.


  • Are easy to clean – Best Deck products only require a quick clean to keep them looking stunning. Sweep and mop them, and the job is done – no specialised chemicals or detergents and no fancy machinery are required. This makes both the decking and the SPC flooring a fantastic investment for a long-term flooring solution.


  • Come in a range of colours and finishes – hospitals, student res accommodation, malls, clinics, and similar public spaces each have their own aesthetic. So, we provide an array of colours and finishes so that there’s a style of composite flooring to suit each client’s specific need. This means that your Best Deck products fit in seamlessly, and even enhance, your desired look and feel; whether you’re going for something chic and contemporary, classically timeless, or cosy and inviting.


  • Require no maintenance – in places where there are many feet in and out of the facility every day, maintenance can become a gruelling and expensive task. So, a product that stays looking great with just a light clean and no maintenance is a clear winner.

Current Projects

This year has been an incredibly busy and successful one for Best Deck, and some of our latest projects include hospitals and student accommodation. These include:


  • Life Faerie Glen Hospital – gorgeous wood panelling to enhance the interior and exterior spaces.
  • Netcare Unitas Hospital – new staff deck for training and public relations purposes.
  • Johannesburg Surgical Hospital – we installed stunning composite wood panelling at this new hospital in Northcliff.


  • Festival’s Edge (Pretoria) – Best Deck installed 800 square metres of decking on the roof to create an entertainment area for students.
  • Hatfield Studios (Pretoria) – new decks, pergola, and entertainment areas throughout the building.

Order the Best Flooring

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