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Published: August 14, 2019

Make the most out of the gorgeous African climate by extending your living or social space outdoors. Of course, to do this, it’s important that your outdoor area is welcoming, comfortable and safe. With Best Deck’s composite wood products, you can create a tasteful area that is ideal for a number of reasons and applications.

Why Create an Outdoor Living Space With Composite Wood?

Whether yours is a home or an office building, having comfortable outdoor living spaces allow people to meet together, relax and enjoy the natural elements. This can often mean fresh air, sunshine and the invigorating properties of greenery, all within a beautiful and tasteful area outside. Using the composite decking, balustrades, pergolas and finishing products from Best Deck to create such a space has various advantages.

Timelessly Tasteful

Best Deck has four neutral colours from which to choose, which means that your outdoor area looks elegant and inviting; now and in the long term. These are also fantastic products to give your entire property a refreshed, modern look and feel that lasts.

Our Products are Excellent Value-for-Money

Despite being so beautiful and of such a high quality, composite wood products from Best Deck are easy on the pocket, both in the long and short terms. Often, they are cheaper to buy and install than timber products. In the long term, composite wood is certainly cheaper as it requires no maintenance and only basic cleaning. So, you just keep saving, even decades down the line.

The Boost Your Property Value

You can add so much to the value and usability of your home or business property by installing a beautiful outdoor space using composite wood products. And, because they last so long, your buyers are assured of quality. Not only does it add to the square footage of your structure, but it adds functionality and gorgeous aesthetics to the mix. With long-term guarantees, composites make financial sense.

Enjoy Your Space

Transform an area that was under-utilised to create a place to gather, entertain, swap ideas, and plan ahead. Whether it’s a corner of the garden that just didn’t feature or an area next to the car park that needed some serious TLC, Best Deck can help you to reinvent this space in an endless variety of ways.

Best Deck Installs, Quickly

Not only do we create and install the decking and other composite wood products, but we do it quickly. This takes less time than a brick-and-mortar structure (and none of the hassle). We handle the installation from start to finish, so you can also rest assured that the entire process is under our watchful guidance and care. This leaves you free to carry on with the rest of your life.

Safety First

Whether you need an area to meet clients or to entertain the little ones, it needs to be safe.  The composite wood products from Best Deck are guaranteed against splintering, warping and cracking. They are also slip-resistant. So, they are the safest option for wet and dry conditions.

What Can I Use my Outdoor Living Space For?

Outdoor areas are as diverse as the people that use them. They are fantastic for:


There are few things to beat snacks, a cup of coffee, or a cold beer on the deck. Make the most of an area outside your building by decking it with composite wood products and inviting friends, family and clients to enjoy it. To make it even more inviting for parties, dinners and meetings, include a pergola.

This also extends the area available for large families or groups of friends and colleagues. Instead of all sitting around one table inside, open the doors and create indoor and outdoor spaces for people to mingle and move around.


Summer’s evenings demand that you enjoy them outdoors, where the night air is a little cooler and the stars put on a show. By having a gorgeous outdoor area designed and installed by Best Deck, you create a tasteful and irresistible area to take full advantage of the garden or neighbourhood. During the day, this turns into a vibrant spot for a braai or some cocktail snacks.


A deck can also be a place of solitude and serenity, where you can be alone to sip on a cuppa, meditate, read, or watch the children playing in the yard. In a work environment, a decked area is ideal for brainstorming or for seizing the opportunity to sit quietly outside of the busy office space and get your thoughts in a row.

Why Best Deck?

At Best Deck, we understand that composite wood products are about so much more than decking and pergolas. They’re about creating a beautiful outdoor living space for chatting, laughing, dreaming and creating. They’re about letting people know that they’re welcome and appreciated. They’re about turning houses into homes.

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