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Published: October 28, 2022

At Best Deck, we are the professional experts in composite wood products. These products transform your space and take it to new heights – their aesthetic value is undeniable. But, working with Best Deck also saves you money in the long term.

How Does Best Deck Save You Money?

Saving you money is just a bonus; the quality of our products and service come first. Still, we understand how important it is to make financially sound decisions, especially in the current economic climate. So, we work hard to ensure that we don’t compromise on either quality or affordability in the long term.

Quality Materials

We use the best quality materials. Our composite wood products are made from recycled timber, bamboo (which is important for strength and flexibility), recycled high-density plastic, and a little bonding agent. Using the best quality materials means that you’re opting for the gold standard for your project. It lasts longer and looks better. So, you won’t end up having to replace it soon (maybe not even in your own lifetime).


Best Deck offers a massive range of products – from decking and pergolas to cladding, indoor flooring, gates, screens, and more. This means that we’re the one-stop shop for all of your composite wood products. We stock, supply and even install them all in one go to reduce the cost, time, and run-around for each of our valued clients.

Best Deck Products Require No Maintenance

Our composite wood products require no maintenance, which is often what can become very costly in the long run. They are designed be as safe and resilient as possible. This means that they DON’T:

  • Rot
  • Splinter
  • Warp
  • Crack
  • Fade

They are RESISTANT to insect infestations and don’t get damaged after even years of exposure to heat, sun and the salty spray of the sea. This means that your product lasts and lasts with no extra expense on your part. You continue to save.

Lengthy Guarantees

Because our composite wood products last so long and are so incredibly durable, we can – with 100% confidence – offer comprehensive factory guarantees for 10, 15 or 25 years (depending on the specific product range). These guarantees offer you our full assurance that you will not need to be replacing these products for the next few decades, at least.

Timeless Style

Because we have various ranges and each range has a timeless elegance about it, your composite wood decking, flooring, cladding, pergolas, or other fittings are not going to become dated over time. It is the neutral basic that creates a space that can carry any look or feel. Whether you want a clean corporate space, a natural homage to the landscapes of Africa, or a Bohemian-style hideaway; our products set the perfect scene. So, they won’t become outdated and require expensive replacement, no matter what happens in the worlds of décor or design.

Expert Installation

Whether we install your products ourselves or you use one of our accredit installers, you’re assured of the best standard of service. This translates to your products being installed correctly so that they are strong, resilient, and durable. They will last and won’t need to be replaced or repaired after just a few years when they’re correctly installed.

Knowledge, Experience, and Advice

Among the Best Deck team of three directors, we share over 100 years of relevant industry experience. We share these decades of experience and knowledge with each of our clients in the form of unbeatable advice that ensures that your composite wood products last as long and as beautifully as possible. So, when you work with Best Deck, you’re amply equipped to make the wisest and most frugal decisions for your space and budget.

Work with Best Deck

To have our stunning, resilient, dependable and elegant products in your home, office, mall or estate, contact us today at or +27 11 463 7948. If you’re in Johannesburg, visit our showroom at 13 Cadogan Road, Bryanston.

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