The benefits of composite wood vs natural wood

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Published: October 27, 2021

Natural wood is undeniably beautiful and has been used to create so many stunning pieces – both functional and decorative – for centuries. And, inspired by natural wood was the idea to create equally tasteful pieces by using different materials. The benefits of composite wood are very real, making this the way of the future in terms of decking, wall cladding, balustrades, gates and pergolas.

What is Composite Wood?

Composite wood is made up of recycled materials that combine to create a product that resembles natural wood, but offers many more benefits. At Best Deck, our composite wood is created using bamboo, timber, and high-density polyethylene plastic in equal quantities; all of which are recycled. Then, the remaining 10% of the product consists of the essential bonding agents and ultraviolet stabilisers to ensure that our composite wood is durable and hardy.

The Benefits of Composite Wood vs. Natural Wood

Best Deck’s composite wood products are of the highest standard and offer a number of valuable advantages.

Our Composite Wood is Eco-Friendly

Because the product is created using recycled materials, no trees or forests are destroyed in their production. On the other hand, the demand for natural wood has had devastating effects on the world’s forests and wildlife.


Best Deck’s combination of wood, bamboo and plastic ensures that it is strong and long-lasting. These products do not warp, splinter or crack; even in harsh climates or under tougher conditions. Natural wood is susceptible to being damaged by heat, water and insects like termites. But composite wood is resistant to all of these threats. This means that it lasts much longer and is significantly more durable, with far less upkeep. It holds and adds value always; unlike timber, which deteriorates and, ultimately, depreciates the value of the space (where it was intended to add value).


Natural wood requires frequent sanding, varnishing, cleaning and general maintenance to attempt to prevent it from warping, fading, becoming water-logged, cracking and splintering. Composite wood doesn’t require this level of maintenance because it has been engineered and manufactured to be resistant to all of these threats. So, washing it with soapy water keeps it looking as good as new. This saves time and money, especially when composite wood is used in high-traffic areas.


Businesses need to ensure that they offer safe environments for their employees and clients. Composite wood products are non-slip, even when they are wet. The absence of splinters and cracks is also an important safety feature – whether for a large-scale corporate office block or for your home; where children, pets and the elderly need to be protected against falls and injury.


At Best Deck, we use our own products to offer a turnkey supply-and-install option where we take responsibility from beginning to end. Best Deck is responsible for the lengthy guarantees   as well as the all-important after-sales service. The client depends on a company that is a supplier of composite wood products to the industry throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and not a contractor or installation company. Composite products, specifically decking, are far easier and quicker to install than timber products, and are particularly easy to work with.


While natural wood really can be very beautiful, issues with uniformity arise. A large decked area made with natural wood may have mottled colours, knots, and other inconsistencies. In contrast, composite wood is available in a range of standard colours (which don’t fade as natural wood does) and sizes. So, you can be confident of the quality of the final product, as well as of its consistent look and feel.


Best Deck’s composite wood products are very competitively priced. In addition, they are guaranteed for between 10 and 25 years (depending on the specific product), which means that they are even better value for money in the long term.

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